Biking To Melrose And The South Bronx


Bike racks in the Greater Melrose area

One of the lesser thought of means of getting to Melrose and the surrounding neighborhoods is via good ole fashioned sweat power - the bike. With its unparalleled access to Manhattan via FIVE bridges (Third, Willis, Madison Avenues, 145th Street and Macomb Dam Bridges) biking is one of the best options available to the community, employees and visitors alike. The blog, Starts and Fits, just recently published two Google Maps of over 400 bike racks in the South Bronx in the area below Fordham Road giving you not only the exact location but also the type of bike racks you will find. Next time you wanna visit and eat at Xochimilco, the best Mexican cuisine in the South Bronx, you may want to bike it to stave off the calories you'll ingest! Don't forget to check out the nifty NYC Biking Guide and Maps provided by NYCDOT.

Bicycle routes and bridge access to the Greater Melrose area



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